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About Us

Cedar Home is a Christian society that takes care of orphaned and disadvantaged children.


In the early 1950s, TEAM Mission started Haven of Hope in the east of Sidon, Lebanon, as a shelter for children who have been separated from their families during the Palestinian immigration or during the hostilities at that time.


On October 15, 1957, Mr. Joyce from TEAM Mission met with Rev. Fouad Accad, Mr. David Tleel and Mr. David Kattab from the Church of God to discuss the joint running of Haven of Hope.


On July 21, 1961 the home got its official papers from the government, registered with the Ministry of Interior under #431/AD and was named Cedar Home.


Since 1950, Cedar Home has helped hundreds of girls , many of them have graduated to become teachers of different subjects, nurses, Graphic Designers, all business administration fields, and social workers. And many of them were the first ones in their families to graduate from high school let alone college.


During the years Cedar Home moved from one place to another due to the civil war . Finally in 2001, it settled in Nabeih, a village 13 kilometers North East of Beirut.


Cedar Home adheres to the value of every child and the dignity of every human being. It aims to help the child in a holistic way.

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